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Wise Old Man

The open source Old School Runescape
player progress tracker.


Track your hiscores over time

By periodically checking your hiscores, the Wise Old Man can create a historical record, this allows you to:

Check your gains, all-time records and collect achievements

Visualise your in-game activity

Compete for ranks in the leaderboards

Follow your clan's progress

By creating a group on Wise Old Man and keeping all your members updated, you are then able to:

Host group competitions

Group Competitions

Compete for clan rankings

Group Rankings

View member list changes

Group Member list changes

Display member inactivity

Get discovered by potential recruits

Ruthless Clan - Group card

Get all your clan updates on Discord

-Updates on competitions
-New member achievements
-HCIM Deaths
-Member list changes
Invite Discord bot
Wise Old Man - Discord Features
Wise Old Man - Discord Features (Overlay)

Integrate with RuneLite

You can install our RuneLite plugin to help you integrate the Wise Old Man right into your game client.

Keep yourself updated

Automatically updates your WOM profile when you logout.

Sync your in-game clan

Sync your WOM members list with your in-game clan with just one click.

Auto-submit name changes

Auto-submits name changes for your friends and clan mates.

Get competition notifications

Widgets will inform you of any ongoing or upcoming competitions.

Lookup players

Check our another player's stats on WOM, including Efficiency metrics.

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How does it work?

You update your profile
You update your profile

Request an update to your profile via the website, the RuneLite plugin or the Discord bot.

We save your current stats
We save your current stats

We'll check your hiscores page and store your current stats on our end.

We calculate your progress
We calculate your progress

Using this historical data, we can now calculate your gains, records, achievements, etc.

Community driven

Wise Old Man is also a free Open Source project, meaning anyone in the community can contribute code or ideas to add new functionality.